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Paris & Barcelona
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Photo courtesy of INSIDR

You all know I’ve been writing and telling stories for such a long time. I like to share either my own experiences or general information that I feel could be useful for my readers. Recently, I’ve met some friends from INSIDR.co and we’ve exchange a lot of interesting information.

A little information about INSIDR, they are a friendly startup based in Paris. Their main goal is to make our travel experiences in Europe the best. They also offer a smartphone rental service where you can get recommendations and suggestions directly from the Parisian community! Now, I am going to share several pieces of information from INSIDR that I found interesting. 

Live like a Local

Who doesn’t know about Paris? Besides the obvious tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or Louvre, Paris has a lot of hidden gems that you should visit. Take a tour along the Seine and see both the left and right banks of the city. You will also pass by several of the most beautiful bridges in Paris. In some particular places along the banks of the Seine, you can see some eye-catching street arts. Get the authentic French experience by going to local markets, here are some recommendations of the best local food markets that you can find in Paris. You can also get some varieties of French street foods in these markets.

Photo courtesy of INSIDR (Click to enlarge)

Stop for a while and get a coffee in some of the best Parisian coffee shops. And while you’re at it, why not get something to eat too? Get one of the best croissants in Paris, as this is one thing that is totally French. Also, don’t forget the sweet little treats that are also totally French: macarons. There is no doubt that you can get the best macarons in France, so don’t miss out on the best macarons in Paris. Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied with just eating macarons, you can also take a macaron class in Paris and try to make them yourself!

Photo courtesy of INSIDR

When it comes to food, you have endless choices in Paris. From brunch that you can get with less than €20, to the most romantic dinner places, you can find anything in Paris. There are also several restaurants that have the best choices for gluten-free foods. You should also try the best crepes that Paris can offer. The possibilities never end! 

Photo courtesy of INSIDR

Journey to Barcelona

Barcelona is another place that can be seen as very romantic. You can easily spend 2 days or 3 days in Barcelona and you will still feel like you need more time there. There are just so many things to do in this city!

The most well-known and probably first destination in every tourist’s mind is La Sagrada Familia. There is a reason for this; this building has a magnificent view. Museo Picasso is another favorite destination, along with Park Guell which is an interesting outdoor space with a lot of artwork. It feels like you are walking in an open space museum of Gaudi. If you’re traveling with your family, Barcelona also has activities that you can enjoy with your kids. For a slightly different atmosphere, go to the west of Barcelona to the Barceloneta area and enjoy the coast of Barcelona.

Photo courtesy of INSIDR

Barcelona also has a vast choice of gastronomy. If you have no idea as to what you can try in Barcelona, read this article of best foods that you can get in Barcelona. As this it is Spain, you should probably start by going to one of the best tapas bars in Barcelona. After that, try authentic Catalan food at this cool restaurant in Barcelona.

Photo courtesy of INSIDR

To spend your night in Barcelona, you can go to some of the cozy bars in every corner of the city. Find one of these speakeasy bars in Barcelona and socialize with tourists and local people; a very interesting place to meet new people. You should also visit the cocktail bars in Barcelona and try their signature drinks.

Photo courtesy of INSIDR

You have a lot of choices of places to stay in Barcelona, from a simple cheap hostel to a luxury hotel. You can stay in any area and easily visit every interesting site in town by using public transportation. Read this article about public transportation in Barcelona and you will be able to navigate your way around easily.

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By Eva Fydrych

April 2019

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Hello April! Fashion Studio Magazine prepared a list of the most interesting events - catwalk shows, trend seminars, fashion conferences, and exhibitions - happening around the world in April 2019. This month, there are over 70 international events to choose from. 

What to expect in April 2019? Lots of fashion & travel news from Mexico and a new edition of Travelling In Style featuring Pamir Fashion handbags and exclusive fashion editorials from London and Paris.

For the latest news and updates, follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. Also, don't forget to check out our latest articles: Tricks to Look Stunningly Young and Vancouver Fashion Week F/W19. Have a great month!

1-10 April 2019

1-5 Fashion Innovation Week Lugano 2019, Switzerland

1-5 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico City

1-7 Fashion Bar Chicago

2-4 Bogota Fashion Week 2019

2-4 WTM World Travel Market Latin America, Sao Paulo

2-4 World Travel & Tourism Global Summit 2019 Seville, Spain

2-5 Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival, Philippines

2-6 Nashville Fashion Week 2019

3-4 VM and Display Show London

3-5 MARTECH Marketing.Technology. Management. Saint Jose, CA

3-6 SAFW  SS19 The Luxury Collections, Johannesburg

3-6 SAFW Trade Show, Johannesburg

3-6 NWA Fashion Week, Northwest Arkansas

3-7 Bristol Fashion Week Festival 2019, UK

4-10 London Hat Week

5-6 VIII  Jornada de Moda Sostenible, Madrid

5-7 Fashion Days 2019 Amsterdam

5-14 SCCI Fashion Hub 2019 Sydney

5-16 20th Havana Film Festival 2019

6.04 Harajuku Fashion Walk Singapore #32

6-8 Shanghai Fashion Weekend

6.04-8.02.2020 Mary Quant V&A London

7-10 Tiangus Turístico México, Acapulco


7-13 TWBK Fashion Week Brooklyn

8-10 FUSE Design & Brand Conference, Chicago

8-11 4th Global Sustainable Fashion Week Budapest, Hungary

8-12 IFFTI Conference 2019: Fashion ID, Manchester UK

8-13 Ithaca Fashion Week 2019, US

8-14 Milan Design Week 2019

8-14 Oakville Fashion Week, Ontario

9-10 Premiere Vision New York

10-11 Wearable Europe 2019, Berlin

10-11 Conde Nast International Luxury Conference Cape Town

10-12 Peru Moda, Lima

10-12 WTM Africa Cape Town

10-13 Orlando Fashion Week, Florida

10-14 Belarus Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2019

10-14 Vietnam International Fashion Spring-Summer Week 2019, HCMC

11-20 April 2019

11-13 New York Bridal Fashion Week 2019

11-13 AFI Cape Town Fashion Week 

11-13 Memphis Fashion Week, Tennessee

11-14 The Knot Couture Show, New York

11-14 PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2019, Lahore, Pakistani

11-14 Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, Romania

11-14 Feria Internacional de la Moda de Tenerife

12.04 15th Annual Paper Fashion Show, Denver, Colorado

12-14 BATA Fashion Weekend 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

12-14 Jashn Fashion Week Toronto 2019, Brampton, Ontario

13.04 POM Fashion Week, Papua New Guinea

13-14 The London Artisan

14-19 Renault Fashion Week Montenegro

17-21 Style Bangkok, Thailand

18-21 Romanian Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week 2019, Bucharest

18-21 Miami Fashion Awards - season 1

20.04 Fashion Meets Art - season 2, Mbarara, Uganda
21-30 April 2019

22-27 Sao Paulo Fashion Week N 47, Brazil 20-21

22-28 Fashion Revolution Week 2019

22-28 RVA Fashion Week Richmond - 11th, Virginia

24.04 FashionTech Toronto

24-25 FUTR Europe Summit 2019 London

24-27 Greenville Fashion Week, South Carolina

24-28 Arab Fashion Week, Dubai

24-28 |FAT| Fashion Art Toronto

25-27 Manila FAME

25-29 34th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories, Hyeres, France      

 25.04-5.05 Hot Docs Festival, Toronto

26-28 Baltic Fashion & Textile Riga, Latvia

27-28 The National Women's Show Ottawa, Canada

27-30 Global Sources Fashion Hong Kong

28.04-1.05 Arabian Travel Market, Dubai

28.01-4.05 #FWMN Fashion Week Minnesota

29.04-4.05 Winchester Fashion Week, UK

30.04-2.05 #SMW Social Media Week, NYC


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Press Release

Day 3 at Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 19

EWMA (Enterprising Women Making Art) Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com

Vancouver, BC – Wednesday was a night with a focus on Canadian designers, from BC to Ontario.

Eight designers from the Vancouver Community College’s Fashion Design & Production Diploma showcased their work to kick off Wednesday’s events. Collections ranged from 60’s inspired menswear to draping southeast Asian linen gowns and tech-focused garments in dark palettes. Each student brought a unique twist to their production, with engaging storylines and explosive soundtracks used throughout. Highlights included a scene straight from the dressing room with Astrid Shapiro, a cinematic display of power and rebirth from Sanaz Azad, and a royal inspired line from Mahnaz Gooya. The works reflected two years of hard work by the cohort, and a strong argument for engaging new fashion designers coming out of Vancouver.

Vancouver Community College (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Vancouver Community College (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Vancouver Community College (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

The Atira Women’s Resource Society presented a collection from their EWMA (Enterprising Women Making Art) initiative, which supports women artists and artisans in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The collection turned heads by beginning with multicoloured fur vest pieces and a long flowing aqua gown. Handcrafted accessories showcased the breadth of skills possessed by EWMA members, with various jewellery pieces and a floral and leopard-printed bandana adding depth to looks. Exquisitely woven knits completed a well-varied collection from hardworking artisans in the EWMA’s fourth consecutive year of being featured on the catwalk at Vancouver Fashion Week.

EWMA (Enterprising Women Making Art) Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com

EWMA (Enterprising Women Making Art) Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com

EWMA (Enterprising Women Making Art) Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com

EWMA (Enterprising Women Making Art) Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com

EWMA (Enterprising Women Making Art) Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com

The Nöelziñia line crafted by Ontario based designer Noele Baptista was a striking collection of florals, gentle ruffles and heavy drapes. This rustic assortment was based on the idea of preserving beautiful memories, like flowers pressed between the pages of a treasured book, hence the collections name ‘Fleurs presses’. A violin played in the background while models with flower crowns worn on long, softly curled hair walked the runway in a dream-like trance. The clothing was ethereal and dreamy, the epitome of femininity. Flowers were elegantly pinned on the clothing, punctuating each thoughtfully placed ruffle. A few of the articles were gently frayed at the ends, giving an opulent bohemian feeling. Smooth silk and chiffon with hints of rich velvet created a stunning experience for the audience. 

Nöelziñia (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Nöelziñia (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Nöelziñia (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

The Su Moda Collection, Ottawa’s first leading modest fashion brand, was created by mother and daughter duo Samra Mohamed & Fathia Mohamed, bringing a powerful eastern influence onto the catwalk. Poised models in long flowing blush tone garments sashayed down the runway to the beat of rich Arabic music. There were stiff materials with intricate golden embroidery merged with pastel tones of silk and linen, which were carefully selected from Dubai, Kuwait and New Delhi creating a beautiful canopy of gorgeous colour and lush fabrics. The models donned luxurious headpieces embellished in eye-catching stones and pearls, with only their eyes visible. Some of their robes were gently tied around their waist, the tassels swaying as they walked, other robes were left open, to flow fiercely behind them. The garments were modest yet eye-catching, creating a breathtaking flow of beautiful pieces of art. 

Su Moda Collection (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Su Moda Collection (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Su Moda Collection (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Rowes Fashion, a Canadian brand by Rebecca Rowe, showcased a cute and incredibly wearable collection. 'Solid Ground' opened with a short, plaid mini skirt partnered with a lacy, see-through top. It specialized in the pairing of unlikely patterns such as lace, plaid and dark florals throughout. A collection of skirts, cocktail dresses and casual jackets, the collection took simple silhouettes and made them stand-apart through the mix of patterns and small lace detailing on hems and sleeves.

Rowes Fashion (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Egyptian designer Nada Marzouk for Authentique transported the audience into an ancient world. 'Divine Adoratrice', inspired by the female-forward Egyptian Dynasty XVIII, fused a number of eye-grabbing details such as silver sequins, midnight sparkles, and graphics that depicted Egyptian architecture. Featuring a number of looks that ranged from day wear to shimmering evening wear, the collection also played with dimensions through juxtaposed hemlines. The line also featured a number of the brand's signature slippers. Despite being inspired by an ancient dynasty, the line was nevertheless accessible to the stylish, modern woman.

Authentique (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Authentique (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Authentique (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Soojinu, a label created by BC-based designer Soojin Woo, drew from Woo's rich Korean heritage to create a unique collection that was inspired by Shamanism. The collection utilized the traditional Shaman colours of red, blue, yellow and green to create a moody and curious showcase. Featuring a range of male and female models, the collection transcended gender roles through placing male models in tight, almost mermaid silhouette skirts in addition to leotards crisscrossed with yellow sequin sashes. Using a variety of materials, such as leather, fur and denim, the beauty and depth of The East was brought to the VFW runway.

Soojinu (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Soojinu (Photo by Filippo Fior / Imaxtree.com)

Gracing the runway for both the Atira Women’s Resource Society and Rowes Fashion shows, Kidist, an 18-year-old from Toronto, lived her dreams by modelling at Vancouver Fashion Week. Through the Make-A-Wish foundation, Kidist, who is living with an immune deficiency, was able to have her absolute one true wish, to be a fashion model, come true at Vancouver Fashion Week.

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